Bad Decisions

Since I’ve decided to use the blog as a diary, I’ve decided to let it all hang out. As a part of my masturbation I love looking at porn, including still photos, videos, and webcams. If you haven’t already checked it out Cam4 is a great place to see some guys really getting into their masturbation on their webcams. A part of this is tipping them so that they do things that you want them to do. I had done that a few times to get guys to show me their cocks (especially foreskinned ones – mmmmm).

One day I clicked on an advertisement on Cam4 and it brought me to Streamate. I started poking around this website a little and found that it had webcams on it with guys just waiting there ready to show off for you. I’m kind of a frugal person overall, and it wasn’t in me to do much spending online, but I found a few guys really hot, bought some time on there, and next thing I knew over several days I have spent quite a bit of cash. I feel very fortunate that I’m not hurting financially, but it isn’t in me to literally spend hundreds of dollars on this habit to have guys on webcam show off for me. The image quality isn’t even that great. However, some of the guys have this really amazing foreskin (the majority of guys seem to be either Russian, Romanian, or Colombian).

I went so far recently to install an add-on on my Firefox to block this website so that I can’t access it any more. I know I’m a chronic addicted masturbator, which for some people they would say this is a problem. But I don’t want to be the guy that wasted thousands of dollars on some guys on webcam.

I need to stick with more inexpensive outlets for masturbation material like this man.


Men Men Men

I fucking love men. It seems there is sometimes a misconception that being a masturbator means only having sex by yourself. For me, this is mostly the case. I can sit and edge for hours, getting totally lost and enjoying the sensations that I am able to give myself. This doesn’t discount the need for male bonding. However, the sex I want is pretty unique. Most gay men don’t get it. I want a man who will sit, work his penis, make himself edge, and really get into his own body and the amazing high that one can achieve after several hours of this. That’s fucking hot!

You know what else is fucking hot? This guy. Amazing tight body with hot pits and a penis to be edged.

Solosexualism and Uncutness

There is a great blog out there from a masturbator who seems very much of the same mindset as me. He has some interesting writings about his masturbation, and how he defines himself as a solosexual. You might want to check out his blog.

I too think I’m solosexual. I have done a bit of reading, and found information about being asexual, which I’m not at all. I’m gay, I love men, but I fucking love to masturbate for hours. I just really dig getting into my penis, celebrating it, and edging. I don’t need to fuck, get fucked or even give or receive oral. I’ve tried all of these so believe me it’s not as if I don’t know what I’m missing.

I have come to accept that this is who I am, this is what I prefer sexually, and that I don’t need to change for others. It’s unfortunate however that in “normal” gay society that you have to be pigeonholed into some very simplistic categories – top, bottom or versatile. When you meet other gay men, they very much expect you to fit one of these categories. I will write much more on this later, I’m sure.

This blog is going to display some of what really gets me off. When masturbating, I look at porn (videos, still pics), cams, chat with men, and sometimes just get so lost in masturbating I’m in my own world. However, one of the things that caries me through a lot of this is my absolute lust for uncut penises. I am cut, and being in the US most men I know are cut. The uncircumcised penis for some reason is this total fantasy for me. The way the foreskin drapes over the head, the way the skin slides up and down during masturbation, the precum that builds up under the skin near the head – fuck – all these things get me masturbating and edging like I am doing right now.

An Introduction


Greetings and welcome to my new blog. I’m using this space as a diary for myself, a place where I can write, post photos, converse and generally be open about being a chronic addicted masturbator. I hope you enjoy and even participate. Leave me a comment, or email me photos of how much a chronic addicted masturbator you are.