Thick Dick

I don’t know what it is but a nice thick dick is fucking hot. It totally makes me crazy to see a thick cock that is truly a handful. When the base is wide and veined out it makes me edge so fucking hard.



Family Time

Being a chronic addicted masturbator it is always interesting to go back home to where I grew up. It is great to see family but it definitely puts a halt to any kind if masturbation. I am here fir a week with little chance to masturbate. In fact it kind of kills it. I’m already looking forward to my getting back into my bate ritual when I return back to my home. How do you all deal with family time? Carve out time to edge? Stop all together?

A New Addition

I picked up this week a new lube I had been hearing about – coconut oil. I have to say I LOVE it. Sometimes albolene is just a little too thick for me. I produce a ton of precum and it gets a little to thick. This oil is hard at room temp but melts right away on the hand. It is slick and lasts a long time. Hit some good edges with it.